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Practice Areas

Insolvency & Bancruptcy Law

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law


  • Rendering of legal opinions on matters relating to the interpretation of various statutes affecting any particular client. 

  • Assistance in regulatory compliance.

  • Professional Advisory in the areas of insolvency and bankruptcy cases and IBC, 2016. 

  • Drafting and advisory of on Insolvency nd Bancruptcy Cases.

  • Cross Border Bancruptcy Cases of Non-Resident Indians.

  • Working with Lawyers in different jurisdictions in Bancruptcy Cases. 


  • Drafting, preparation and vetting of filings before various judicial and quasi-judicial forums in India and Overseas. 

  • Litigation Services include providing support, handling and supervising court cases in the National Company Law Tribunal's Benches and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal at Delhi. 

Variety of Coins

Insolvency & Bancruptcy

Indian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law has aimed to streamline the process for bankruptcies with a prompt legal process that purports to benefit banks, taxpayers, honest borrowers, and to an extent even India’s capitalism. We aim to provide legal representation to institutions and have been involved in every major aspect impacting the personal and institution insolvency and bankruptcy briefs.  

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