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Practice Areas

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Civil Litigation

In our Civil Law practice, we have represented individuals and businesses in areas including commercial law, real estate transactions, consumer law, family law, immigration, municipal law, contracts, wills, property litigation, etc. We recognize that litigation can be difficult and endearing experience and therefore we are committed to provide our client with sound advice and assist them with cost and time effective solutions.

Intellectual Property

We have assisted clients in the Intellectual Property Enforcement, filing, prosecution, and litigation in respect of Trademark, Copyright, Design, Geographic Indications, Domain Name Dispute, Due Diligence, Commercial Litigation and other forms of ADR. Additionally, we have defended clients who are facing legal proceedings with respect to the enforcement of Intellectual Property.  

Employment Law

We provide legal representation to public and private sector employees in respect of their employment, wrongful termination, non-payment of salary, promotion, seniority, etc. We have represented public sector employees before State and Central Administrative Tribunals concerning matters of Seniority, Promotion, consequential benefits, transfers. 

In addition, we have also assisted private business with compliance with State and Central Employment Laws and have also advised on employment contracts. 

Contracts, Wills and Agreements

We provide a full range of services including conveyance and legal drafting along with contract law services. We have assisted our clients in drafting of various deeds, documents, agreements, wills, probate petitions, General and Special Power of Attorneys and other ancillary contractual work. 

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